Business & Communication Solution


Business professionals require a high-performance, durable, striking designed, all-in-one devices for their productivity tools - and we deliver the ideal solutions. Our designers and engineers create propriety high-clarity speakerphone for wireless Bluetooth conferencing and multi-functional speakers with speakerphone, wireless headset and powerbank features, all in a compact executive, compact package.

Wireless conferencing speaker and speakerphone

Smart Home & Home Audio

Wi-Fi Speaker


Wi-Fi/BT Soundbar

Smart Home

Mutli Room Audio System

We provide total solutions to optimize the enjoyment at home.

Our home product solutions leverage Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Cloud and Internet technologies that enable full access to home devices. From playing audio in rooms throughout a home for home theatre enjoyment, to turning on and off electric appliances, your customers are in control simply at a touch to your smartphone.

Sport & On-The-Go

No matter your customers need music for a walking, or a sport music companion, we have the solutions to suit their needs. Our sport speakers are shock proof, dust-proof and water resistant up to IP68 - ensuring they are suitable for even the most extreme sports. While our portable Bluetooth speakers and true wireless earbuds provide immersive sound experience for life on-the-go.

Wearable Bluetooth speaker with mic

wearable bluetooth speaker with mic



Whilst working very hard to design and create our own product solutions, we also help companies to create products with their distinctive brand identities.

Wireless Audio

We create products to suit the multi-faceted lifestyles.

PlastoForm specializes in electronics, including wireless speakers and multimedia devices.  We can design and make products to suit a host of lifestyles, such as advanced high clarity speakerphones for business applications, home and multi-room speaker system, speakers delivering music on-the-go, and other multimedia and IoT devices.


Smart Home & Home Audio

Business Solutions

Party & Fun

And more...

Sport &



Rock The Party

We create both portable and powerful Bluetooth speakers that are rugged and water-resistant, with heavy bass and massive internal batteries. Additional microphones, PA system and USB charging out functions add more fun to party time.

Music For Fashionistas


On top of acoustic performance, our product design team emphasize on great-looking exteriors. They mix-and-match different materials to apply in the products, making them suit varied daily outfit, so your customers can express their personalities.

Wearable Bluetooth speaker with microphone

Sweat-proof wearable Bluetooth speaker with mic

True wireless Bluetooth earbuds


True wireless Bluetooth earbuds

Water-proof Bluetooth speaker with mic