Our Vision


We will continually strive for outstanding quality and innovation, to ensure we remain a top-rated manufacturer in the electronics industry, especially on wireless audio field.

Our Mission


With deep industry expertise, we are committed to translating cutting-edge innovations into competitive advantages, providing our customers with superior concepts and design services, market-leading R&D capabilities, manufacturing excellence and more.



We understand the power of passion. Believing people with great passion for what they do will be more focused, motivated, energized and able to achieve higher standards, we nurture passion for performance throughout our workforce.



We conduct business with integrity, applying the highest standards of business ethics when dealing with our customers, suppliers and other stakeholders.



We promote innovation across the company, and in every aspect of our work. We foster an environment that encourages individuals to continually explore new ideas and methods beyond conventional boundaries.


We pursue excellence in every aspect of our operations, as reflected in our people, services and products.