Manufacturing Capability

Our 30,000 square meter manufacturing facility is in Shenzhen, "China's Silicon Valley". Here, we integrate in-house development and production, to maximize efficiency, enable greater control of production lead-times, quality and cost, while meeting international standards at all operation levels. The facility spans the multiple functions required for manufacturing premium quality electronics products, including:

Plastic Injection
22 sets "JSW "injection machines + 2 sets" HAITIAN" double colour injection machines with 9 automation robotic arms can afford 450 tons of high precision products.
Speaker Driver Units Manufacturing
7 lines specific assigned for speaker driver unit production, providing 13,500pcs / line / day (8hrs) of avg. production output.
SMT Manufacturing

3 high precision, versatile and flexible production lines for SMT.

PCBA Assembling & Testing

Manual insertion lines & soldering touch up lines for PCB assembling. Testing includes in-circuit test, functional test, PTS test, ATE / NFC test and Bluetooth programming.

Final Casing
Conveyor lines & cell lines for product assembling, high-frequency heating welder, ultrasonic welding equipment, product casting, functional testing, and packaging.
Reliability Testing


Comprehensive tests include champer hi / low-temperature test, automatic drop test, mechanical life test, Ipx-34567 waterproof test, salt-mist test, cable strain relief test, electrostatic discharge test and XRF test for RoHS compliance.