The Internet of Things - a Boundless Market

In this increasingly connecting world, links to the Internet are no longer confined to computers, but are becoming commonplace for a host of devices.


Individual consumers increasingly seek to experience the benefits of high quality content and applications, and to do so using not desktop computers, but laptops, tablets, and especially smartphones. Enterprises, too, are also adopting inter-connectedness as never before - as being online becomes indispensable for fast growing numbers of people.


Smart terminals - including phones - will feature more personal and intuitive capabilities, enhancing connected experiences.

The Internet of Things

- Opportunities Abound

IoT Applications - Smart Homes and Beyond

Currently, we foresee our main focus being on Smart Home solutions, creating devices that integrate with automation and networking solutions for homes that may seem futuristic, yet are becoming more widespread today.


With our solid foundation in creating cutting edge audio products, we are actively develping smart AV solutions. These range from fun products to equipment meeting the exacting demands of ultra high definition audio and video, which is set to become a service standard that all networks and devices will need to support.


Plus, there is potential for creating a wealth of other smart home products, for kitchen use, applications in living rooms and bedrooms, along with toys and devices to help people stay healthy and enjoy their connected lifestyles.  

Other IoT Solutions

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PlastoForm - Developing Smart Solutions

At PlastoForm, with our strong R&D and engineering teams, we integrate cross technology platforms to help customers from different industries to develop smart solution, applications and products.


To date, these include applications based on Google Home and Amazon Alexa  voice command technologies. Based on this expertise and experience, we will help companies create a wide range of applications and devices.