Corporate Profile


Listed company in Singapore


30+ years’ experience in consumer electronics industry


In-house industrial design team with awarded products   (RedDot, CES, HKEIA)


One-stop R&D, engineering & manufacturing solution


Patented speaker driver technologies


In-house software/app design & development team

Plastoform: World-class Electronics Manufacturing Service


Headquartered in Hong Kong and with a combined manufacturing and R&D facility in Shenzhen - "China's Silicon Valley", Plastoform has been listed on the Mainboard of the Singapore Exchange Securities Trading Limited ("SGX-ST") since 2006. The company has over 30 years' experience in delivering premium quality OEM and ODM services. We provide Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS) to world's most renowned brands and have earned repeated industry accolades for our dedication to innovation and excellence.


While we pride ourselves in offering a one-stop manufacturing solution service - from concept design to mass production, we believe it's the quality of our service that sets us apart. We differentiate ourselves by providing superior technical support to our clients including :


* Product ID and Industrial Design

* Software and Electronics Circuitry Design

* App Development and Cloud Application

* Acoustic Design

* New Product Introduction (NPI)

* Project Management Over Entire Product Lifecycle

* Testing Solutions

* Design For Manufacturability (DFM) & Material Localization


For us, every client is important. As we embark on a fresh project, we aim to understand our client's needs and tailor every detail of each product to them. Every project receives full support from our senior management team. We seek to build long-term relationships, so clients become business partners, as we strive to create best-selling products that ensure our mutual success.


A Passion for Excellence


From the industrial design team who transform ideas into viable product designs, through the R&D team who ensure the products will look great and perform superbly, the manufacturing team who combine production skills with craftsmanship, and the quality assurance team who ensure the finished products meet our exacting standards - all our team members are dedicated to creating products we are intensely proud of, and which delight customers around the world. 


Award-winning Design and Engineering


Our design and R&D teams have a wealth of acoustic knowledge and skills and are supported by advanced software and firmware. We have particularly strong expertise in wireless connectivity technologies, AI and voice recognition, commercial speech & voice devices, smart audio and IoT applications.


In the audio field, we are among the few manufacturers able to fully control acoustic performance, and ensure we can deliver each client's unique audio DNA. Also, we are continually looking to the future, continually anticipating developments in technology and taking market leadership so our business partners can maximize sales share.


Our products' outstanding design and acoustic performance have received industry recognition, including Red Dot Design awards, CES innovation award, and Hong Kong Award for Industries. Plus, we have the satisfaction of knowing that, every day, millions of people around the world enjoy products we and our business partners created.


Premium Products for Your Customers' Lifestyles


We seek to fulfill our clients' needs - and, in turn, create products their customers will love. Our knowledgeable sales team provides excellent account servicing, with prompt support, professional advice and solutions every step of the way during every project.