Coaxial PlastoDriver


The PlastoDriver is a special designed single driver structure which delivers the sound and bass performance similar to a powerful speaker with heavy bass, whilst being just half the size.


To date, over 300,000 drivers have been shipped, reaching customers worldwide.

Ultra-Slim PlastoDriver

This ultra-slim speaker drivers are commonly used in slim, widescreen LCD TVs. We leverage a similar technology to apply to our portable wireless speakers, so they can be light and slender whilst delivering powerful, crystal-clear sound.

Acoustic Capability

Plastoform is among the few manufacturers to design and develop our own speaker drivers – enabling us to have full control of sound quality. Our talented, expert R&D and acoustic engineering team focuses on inventing new speaker driver technologies and designing patented electro-acoustic platforms, aiming to tailor-make specific sound DNA for every client – in turn helping our clients to develop their own sound personalities that set them apart from the competition.

Ensuring World-class System and Driver Design

Acoustic Modeling

Our acoustic experts leverage LEAP, Loudspeaker, Pspice and Ansys to ensure every system meets and surpasses expectations.

Anechoic Chambers

With three full-space and IEC chambers, our engineers have the right tools to measure drivers accurately, even across different facilities.

Motor Design

Our engineers use FINEMotor、FLUXCALC、GEMINI and FEMM to intelligently design every motor, to get the best performance while keeping costs low.

System Analysis

Praxis、Clio、Sound check and LMS are used in driver and speaker system design. Utilizing these, our team can precisely test and analyze SPL, impedance, speaker parameters and distortion.